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ABOUT Yoho-Guide

What We Do

Yoho Guide provides public, private and tailored tours around the nearby cities of Shanghai within Zhejiang & Jiangsu Province.

Our clients

Include tourists and expats, couples and families, businesses and clubs from all over the world. We pride ourselves on tailoring our tours to meet our clients’ interests.


Carol and Cai are both local Shanghainese, who had worked in foreign investment companies for more than 15 years. With colleagues from all over the world, we often guide colleagues and friends to travel around Shanghai and quite understand what expats want to see and to experience, so we founded a work studio - called Yoho Guide, which focus on Tailor-make Tour design. We also organized “Culture Exchange” and “Team Building” activities for several companies. We love traveling, especially the small cities and towns around Shanghai, and have deep understanding about the way of relaxation in China. We have the passion to design routes which are quite different from the routine routes in travel agencies, which make you to enjoy the beautiful scenery, understand the Chinese culture, and at the same time have a thorough relax.

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