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Cherry Blossom Tour

Best Time: March 20 - April 6 | Wuxi
Wuxi YuanTouZhu Cherry Blossom Tour
Best Time: March 20 - April 6

Wuxi Yuantouzhu (无锡,Turtle Head Garden, 鼋头渚) is a peninsula lying north-west coast of Taihu Lake, located in Wuxi, because the boulder broke into the lake, shaped like a turtle raising its head, so it is named Turtle Head Garden. Yuantouzhu is the first attractive scenery in Taihu Lake, there’s a saying: “If you travel to Wuxi, you must go to Taihu Lake, if you come to Taihu Lake, you must visit Yuantouzhu”. 

Yuantouzhu is also one of the world's three major cherry blossom viewing sites, it also has a good reputation as "The No. 1 cherry blossoms site in China".  “Changchun bridge(长春桥)” and “Cherry blossom viewing Pavilion(赏樱阁)” are the best places with spectacular views. We will stop at both of the scenery to have a thorough view of the beautiful blossoms of cherry flower.
We will have lunch in the restaurant inside Yuantouzhu, taste the fresh river fish from Taihu Lake, and of course we will try the famous Wuxi “Xiaolongbao”.

After the Cherry blossom viewing and lunch, we will take the ferry to the island – “Taihu Xiandao” (太湖仙岛,means fairy islands) in the middle of Taihu, it’s also like a turtle creeping on the surface of the lake. On the island there’s full of Taoist culture and mythology. You can find a lot of scenes the famous classical Chinese novel 《Journey to the West》; And the sceneries like “Great sleep Bay”, “Fairy Cave”, bringing the Chinese Buddhist, Taoist grotto art together.

After taking the ferry back, we come back to Shanghai.
DEPART       8:30am
RETURN       5:30pm
TIME             8:15am registration
MEET           Baker and Spice at Shanghai Center, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Xikang Lu (metro line 2 to Nanjing Xi Lu), 南京西路1376号 (上海商城)
COST              Based on participants’ number:
                        1150 RMB 3-6 participants;
                        800 RMB 7-12 participants
(Cost includes transportation, all entrance fees, lunch, and guided tour)
To secure your reservation, a deposit of RMB 200 is required. 
Please contact us for reservation via email: or mobile phone: +(86) 18917659228.

ONLINE BOOKINGor call Mobile Phone:(9:00AM - 5:00PM)
18917659228 or 13901723077

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